Advantages Of Mats

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We often overlook the importance of things as simple as a mat that has a list of benefits to give us. Apart from its artistic application in homes, it is a basic member of any office infrastructure. Matting highlights the visual representation of a workplace and acts as a significant safety and cleanliness tool. Reports find that thousands of people get injured while entering a commercial building. These accidents are attributed to slips, trips, and fall due to loose soil, sand, puddled moisture from pedestrian footwear and sometimes due to poor-quality and undersized mats installed near the entrance.

There is an extensive range of matting products available like bar runners, custom bar mats, promotional mats, logo mats, personalized door mats, commercial entrance mats that are customized to provide specific benefits. But the general benefits of matting include:

  1. Safety

Covering a floor with matting improves safety and mitigates the risk of potential accidents like falls, trips and slips from commercial buildings. Effective matting like custom bar mats and bar runners are designed to attract dirt, remove any debris and moisture from the footwear of the people as they place their foot on the mat before entering the building.

 2. Lower Interior Maintenance

Researchers say that over 80% of the dirt and debris found in a building is tracked in on the bottoms of footwear. It also shows that 75% of the dirt and moisture can be prevented from entering the building by installing 16 linear feet of commercial entrance matting & Bar Runners – reducing the cost of interior maintenance with fewer cleaning, mopping, and vacuuming.

3. The First Impression

Entrance system is the most visible part of a building which can have an increased impression on anyone entering or just passing by the building. Selecting the right blend of products for the foot grille like promotional mats, commercial door mats, logo mats & personalized door mats will not just eliminate dirt but also provide a clean image of the entrance.

4. Protection of Interior Flooring

Dirt, debris, sand particles or moisture on the footwear of pedestrians can easily cause scratches, stains or scuff marks on the indoor flooring. Considering the fact, the premium interior flooring surface like bar runners, custom bar mats can easily get deteriorated with time. Entrance matting can eliminate such consequences by removing the dirt particles from the bottoms of the footwear while maintaining the visual appeal of the interior flooring surface.To achieve all of these Mat advantages Standout Mats an Australian owned Company manufactures and supplies the highest and premium quality mats from small Personalized Bar Mats to the largest Customized Printed Floor Mats.