Troubleshooting Issues With Compressing Air

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Maintaining air compressor must not be overlooked, as it is actually easier than perceived by most. If you take good care of it, especially when inspecting its components constantly, you are sure to have an equipment that is guaranteed to last.Of the many air equipment supplies, you might be most familiar with air compressors. They are actually among the common unit used in a lot of application, like in vehicle maintenance, heating, ventilation, and air cooling, construction use, manufacturing processes, agricultural applications, bubble washing, among other important implications of this equipment in many aspects of technology. But of course, like with other equipment, especially those that run with engines, they could also encounter some troubles, even during operation of the unit. Among those are the following common issues you may get with air compressors and some fixes we suggest.

Does not run or start

It is actually a common problem with air compressors to not immediately start as soon as you hit the pressure valve on. What you must do in this situation is to make sure that all connections are not loose, and tighten them if ever not, such as the hose that connects to the tank. Any leak may cause some serious problems, such as decrease in pressure. Otherwise, check if the issue is related to the power source, and if there is the right amount of voltage supplied. Use adapters if voltage from the supply does not match with what is recommended for your unit. Another possible cause is oil levels, which may only be in need of changing.

Decreased pressure levels

When you notice that the air pressure given off by the unit is too low, it can be pretty alarming, but don’t panic just yet. As mentioned above, it may be caused by any leaks with the hose or pipes of the air compressor, which you can just seal. Also loose components may also be driving this trouble, such as the pipe lock or relief valve, the hose connected to the tank, the gasket, and other nuisances you may have not seen at first look. Another reason for such low pressure blow may be due to accumulated dirt on the air filtration systems Sydney, which should be replaced every often. If this seems to be causing the problem, have the filters immediately changed.

Too much noise from the unit

An air compressor is certainly going to produce sound as it operates. But there’s the familiar sound we know, and there are some noises that are really strange. If you are hearing some weird noises other than the normal operation sound, then there may be something wrong with your unit. Like with the above scenarios, loose components may be causing the unfamiliar sounds, such as detached bolts or unfastened belts. If this is the case, tightening should be done. Pistons may also be in need of cleaning. Also check if oil level is sufficient, because if not it could be the source of noise.If the above suggested methods failed to work for your unit, you should seek the help of a service professional in finding and fixing the fault in your air compressor. And don’t forget that if you have sensed from the start that something is not right with your equipment, do not force it to operate.